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Meet the team

Northumbria Lacemakers Committee Members

The Northumbria Lacemakers Committee meet monthly and are always looking for new volunteers so please do get in touch if you'd be interested in joining the team.


Diana Blackburn



Elaine Williams



Helen Purvis



Jacqueline Wilson

Meetings Secretary

Editor at large.jpg

Caroline West

Technical Lead &

Pillow Talk Editor


Heather Cameron

Membership Secretary


Marian Jamieson

Workshop Secretary


Kathleen Sommersett

Commitee Member

Our Northumbria Lacemakers Constitution

1.  The name of the society shall be Northumbria Lacemakers.


2.  The Aims of the Society shall be:-

To further interest in all forms of lacemaking

To increase knowledge and appreciation of the craft

To assist in the exchange of ideas

To promote meetings/seminars of teachers

To develop opportunities for more Lace Days, courses, workshops etc. within the area served

To stimulate interest in lacemaking through exhibitions, demonstrations, talks to other bodies.


3.  Membership

Membership shall ordinarily be persons who have attained the age of 16 years. Persons under 16 years may be admitted at the discretion the Society’s Committee. Members of Young Lacemakers aged 13-16 years may be admitted when accompanied by a responsible adult. On payment of the appropriate fee, members will be notified of and my attend any number of activities or functions sponsored by the Society on terms decided by its Committee.


4.  Management

The Management of the Society shall be in the hands of the Committee.


5.  Committee

The Committee will be approximately 10% of the membership and this will include the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Workshop Secretary and Membership Secretary.


6.  Election of the Committee

The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and shall hold office for up to the period of three years. A period of one year must lapse before any re-election of the officers.


7.  Duties of the Committee

The duties of the committee shall be:-

To hold regular meetings at least 4 times a year

To promote the aims of the Society

To exercise general supervision over the activities and financial arrangements, receiving such reports from the Treasurer as they require

To ensure that activities (other than those items the cost of which is met by Society) are self-supporting

The Chairman or Secretary of the Committee shall be responsible for calling General Meetings of the members of the Society. The Committee shall be empowered to appoint such Sub-Committees as they deem necessary for particular activities The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of each Sub-Committee so appointed.

The quorum shall be one third of the members of the Committee.


8.  Finance

The membership fees shall be determined by members at the A.G.M.

The financial year shall run from 1st March to the last day of February and an annual statement of income and expenditure, together with a balance sheet shall be presented by the Treasurer to the A.G.M.

The accounts and balance sheet shall be audited by an independent Auditor, appointed by the Committee and who shall complete the audit of the annual accounts by the end of April.

A Bank Account appropriately designated into which all receipts shall be paid, shall be opened at a bank approved by the Committee. Cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by two of the three persons designated by the Committee.

No payment shall be made by the Treasurer without the previous approval of the Committee, except for small routine expenses which may be paid from an authorised Petty Cash account.


9.  General Meeting

A General Meeting of members of the Society shall be held at least once a year and 28 days’ notice shall be given of such a meeting.

A quorum for a General Meeting shall be one third of the total membership of the Society.

Resolutions should be made in writing at least 14 days prior to the General Meeting, signed by 2 members and a majority will be needed to pass any resolution.


10.  Special General Meeting

The Chairman or Secretary of the Committee may at any time at their discretion and shall, within 28 days of receiving a written request so to do, signed by no less than 10% of the membership and giving reason for the request, call a Special General Meeting of the Society.


Section 5 amended A.G.M. May 2012

Constitution updated October 2016

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